The Ultimate Garage Parking Sensor & Parking Distance Control

The PARKA is the ultimate parking aid which uses proximity sensors which ensure safe and accurate parking of your vehicle everytime.
Powerful LED lights guide you into your garage or parking bay with ease, all while maintaining a safe parking and stopping distance.
No more bumping your car into walls or garage doors – the PARKA is the ultimate garage car stop indicator!

The PARKA lets you park your car right up to the wall in your garage or parking bay – as close as 5cm’s from the wall. The PARKA is extremely accurate and makes it so easy to park in EXACTLY the same place every single time you park. This means you do not have to worry about bumping or scratching your cars bumper ever again!

Take the hassle out of parking

The PARKA is easily calibrated at the push of a button which means you can also park a few meters away from the wall if you want to – every single time. It makes parking so relaxing and quick, let PARKA do the hard work for you! The PARKA works off batteries making it as simple as saying PARKA, to install in your garage or parking area.

Order your own PARKA today for only R295