Installation details


  1. Remove the battery cover and insert 6 x AA batteries.
  2. Using the key slots provided, mount Parka to the wall or any flat surface in front of where the vehicle will be parked.
  3. Make sure Parka is mounted with the LED’s visible from the driver’s seat and that the sensors line up with the number plate.


Park the Vehicle

  1. Drive the vehicle to its final parker position.
  2. Use a second person outside the vehicle to help position the vehicle if needed


Calibrate Parka

  1. Press the calibrate button on the front of Parka once the vehicle is in the parked position.
  2. This teaches Parka to know that the final position of the vehicle must be.


Test Your Parka

  1. Park your vehicle to test Parka
  2. As you approach Parka, you will notice the LED’s light up from bottom to top. The colours will change from blue to red.
  3. When the LED’s reach red, the vehicle will be in its final position.