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The PARKA can be yours for a teeny R295.00. excluding postage. Postage costs an additional R60 for delivery in South Africa.

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Not only will PARKA ensure safe and accurate parking each time but there are many advantages to putting a PARKA on your wall:

  • You will not have to get out of your car and check that you have pulled in deep enough to the garage or parking bay. Once you have calibrated the PARKA for your car it will show you exactly the same position each and every time. This means you can close your garage or gate while you are still in your car with your doors locked. This not only will save you time, but if you are alone and parking at night, it gives you that added extra security of remaining in your car until the gate or garage has closed.
  • You can close your gate or garage safe in the knowledge that your car will not be damaged.
  • Even if your car has some type of park distance control it will not give you a visual presentation of up to 5cm’s from the wall or other object. Your car’s PDC will only let you know you are close, the PARKA will tell you exactly where to stop!!!
  • For all you clean freaks out there, the PARKA looks so good it will enhance the look of your garage!!
  • The PARKA can be calibrated at the push of a button, which means you may want to park your car far enough away from the end of your bay/garage so you can walk in front of your car once parked. The PARKA will ensure you park in the same place each time, so carrying your groceries into your place won’t be a re-run of the wrestling at the last Olympics